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What is the waterproof performance of hot melt adhesive?

There are already many aspects involved in the daily life of hot melt adhesive, and there are also many answers to whether it is easy to use. There are already many different types and styles of adhesive on the market, so is hot melt adhesive afraid of water? Is it waterproof after solidification? Do you still have any doubts about this aspect? Let’s explore together how waterproof it is?

In fact, the waterproof effect of hot melt adhesive after solidification is relatively average and moderate. The duration that can be maintained after bonding may not be that long, but high-quality hot melt adhesive has a much better waterproof effect, which does not mean it is 100% waterproof. Most adhesive products cannot achieve 100% complete waterproofing performance, and generally solidified adhesives are prone to detachment after prolonged soaking.

In terms of water resistance, it is a major test for adhesives. Adhesive soaked in water can easily cause detachment from hot melt adhesive. However, during the bonding process, if the bonded object is damaged within a tolerable range, it can prevent it from separating from the hot melt adhesive due to external factors, which can to some extent ensure the bonding strength of the hot melt adhesive in water.

So, is there any toxicity to hot melt adhesive after solidification? Is it hard or soft?

Hot melt adhesive is a non-toxic product that does not contain water or other solvents. It is 100% solid and belongs to a new type of environmentally friendly chemical product. After solidification, it is non-toxic. It can be divided into various types such as rubber strips, rubber particles, and rubber blocks. Generally, it is more commonly used with a glue gun, which is convenient, fast, and efficient. Because it is a heated adhesive, it softens into a liquid state during heating and has plasticity, but becomes hard during cooling.

The above can provide a simple understanding that the waterproofing effect is actually a disadvantage of most adhesive products. Many adhesive products are prone to separation and detachment after encountering water or being soaked for a long time. Choosing higher quality hot melt adhesive can to some extent reduce this issue.


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