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1️⃣China’s largest manufacturer of hot melt glue stick

2️⃣10 hot melt adhesive production lines

3️⃣Annual production of 30000 tons of hot melt adhesive

4️⃣15000 square meters of self purchased factory building

Can hot melt glue really cause cancer?

Hot melt adhesive, abbreviated as hot melt adhesive, has been widely used in daily life. Regardless of the size of the object, it exists. Such as cardboard boxes, eyeglass boxes, floor stickers, and so on. This inevitably leads to concerns among some people about the odor generated by the use of hot melt adhesive and whether it is carcinogenic? Does it affect health?

In fact, during the production and application of hot melt adhesive, no solvents are used. It is a thermoplastic adhesive that needs to be coated after melting in a heated state, and then cooled and solidified to complete the adhesive. Mainly processed and produced from main raw materials such as resin and EVA, combined with antioxidants, etc. There are no harmful substances such as toluene and formaldehyde. Its odor mainly comes from the glue itself, and hot melt glue needs to be heated within the temperature range to change its liquid state with temperature changes. But this will not affect its chemical properties. When heated, it will cause changes in its internal molecular structure and produce isocyanate gas, which will not have long-term effects on the human body but will briefly irritate the respiratory tract. If the user is sensitive, it is recommended to use hot melt adhesive in a ventilated location and wear a protective mask. (Please note that when using a hot melt glue gun, do not touch the nozzle and the glue area with your hands to prevent burns.) Of course, it is not ruled out that some bad manufacturers may use inferior raw materials to produce and cause irritating odors. Therefore, when purchasing hot melt glue, it is still advisable to choose a reputable and reputable manufacturer with complete qualification certificates.

Hot melt adhesive is not only a new environmentally friendly chemical product with a completely green light. Non toxic, non polluting, non combustible, all solid, non volatile, and non polluting to the environment. Not only can small handmade jewelry be made, but it is also suitable for continuous automated production lines.

Due to its many advantages, it has become one of the fastest-growing adhesive categories.


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