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Can hot melt adhesive still be used on pearl cotton?

Pearl cotton, also known as EPE pearl cotton, is a new environmentally friendly packaging material made through heating, extrusion, and foaming technology. Compared with traditional packaging, it has the characteristics of insulation, shock resistance, moisture resistance, strong toughness, and recyclability for environmental protection. In daily life, such as high-end furniture, household appliances, building waterproofing and other items, what adhesive is needed to complete the bonding? Let’s have a brief understanding:

Pearl cotton requires the use of hot melt adhesive for bonding, which is one of the most common and effective options. Hot melt adhesive is a non-toxic and easy to operate plastic adhesive. At room temperature, it is 100% solid and needs to be heated and melted to have a bonding effect. Its strong viscosity and fast curing speed make it popular. It is also used for pearl cotton bonding and is resistant to yellowing, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. There is no solvent consumption for hot melt adhesive. Therefore, it is good to avoid the drawbacks of misalignment, shrinkage, and deformation caused by solvents, effectively improve product quality and efficiency, and save costs.

To use hot melt adhesive to bond pearl cotton, it is necessary to preheat the melting device first, then melt an appropriate amount of adhesive particles, complete the bonding and shaping within the opening time of the colloid, press it tightly, and cool and solidify.


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