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There are 8 different gluing processes for hot melt adhesive, do you know which ones?

In addition to using a hot melt glue gun for coating, hot melt glue can also be applied using a hot melt glue machine. Heat the molten liquid of the hot melt adhesive through a hot melt adhesive machine, and then transport it to the surface of the adhesive by a rubber hose and a glue gun to complete the bonding process under pressure. So here comes its gluing method, the most common gluing methods include spraying, scraping, and rolling! It can be further divided into 8 types, to put it briefly.

  1. Roller
    After melting, the hot melt adhesive is transported to the rotating adhesive groove. The glue roller inside the groove will rotate and then rotate uniformly with the scraper roller of the blade to the surface of the object to be bonded. This process is often used for fabric coating and laminating furniture boards such as chairs and cabinets.
  2. Foaming (spraying)
    Foam technology has been widely used in automotive parts combinations, replacing traditional rubber gaskets. It can mainly provide cushioning or shock absorption effects and reduce the amount of glue used. Using a special foaming hot melt adhesive machine, nitrogen gas is mechanically mixed into the already melted pressure-sensitive adhesive for foaming, and then coated onto the workpiece through a nozzle.
  3. Spiral (spray)
    This method is also one of the common gluing processes, which uses external air pressure to spray hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive from the nozzle with micro spray holes into a regular spiral shaped adhesive wire, which can significantly reduce the amount of adhesive used.
    This process is commonly seen in the gluing method of structural adhesives such as diapers and sanitary napkins.
  4. Scraping and coating of flat die head
    The most common method for hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive and labels is this scraping process. After melting, the pressure-sensitive adhesive will be evenly distributed into the mold’s flow guide through the heated throat. After setting the required thickness and width values for the film, it will be extruded from the mold lip.
  5. Point like (spray)
    Pointwise gluing is a fast, simple, and relatively economical method, commonly used for folding cardboard boxes or cardboard bonding, suitable for the bonding of two objects that need to be bonded.
  6. Stripe (spray)
    This gluing method is actually similar to dispensing. Generally, two objects need to be glued in a strip shape, which is commonly used for bonding at the edges of cosmetic boxes, wine bottle boxes, and other areas.
  7. Screen spraying glue (spraying, scraping)
    When the object that needs to be coated with adhesive liquid needs to be fully coated due to insufficient heat resistance or uneven surface of the workpiece. You can use the curtain spray glue (suspended non-contact).
  8. Fiber like spray glue (spray)
    This process is very similar to spiral glue spraying, except that the sprayed glue thread is irregular and the amount of glue sprayed is lower than that of the spiral method. The common application industries are disposable sanitary products, such as disposable mattresses, surgical gowns, hats, shoe covers, and so on.


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