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How to judge the quality of hot melt glue sticks?

Whether it is modern factory manufacturing or traditional handicrafts, there is an indispensable adhesive helper hot melt adhesive rod. Due to its excellent performance, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and easy operation, it is highly popular among both manufacturers and consumers. When paired with a hot melt adhesive gun, it is convenient and fast to use! Currently, many businesses are selling hot melt adhesive, so how should we judge the quality of hot melt adhesive? As a manufacturer specializing in the research and development of hot melt adhesive for over 15 years, here is a brief introduction to how hot melt adhesive rods can be judged in terms of quality.

  1. Viscosity: It needs to be described according to the selected substrate description. Whether the adhesive is firm depends on the affinity of the melted colloid after the glue gun releases the adhesive to the substrate being bonded. It can be determined that the adhesive is truly firm and can achieve material breakage rather than false bonding. It can be tested and verified whether the adhesive stick can peel off after the glue liquid cools and solidifies.
  2. Appearance color: Observe the appearance for bubbles and impurities. Good glue sticks have a very smooth surface and no impurities inside. They are generally semi transparent or fully transparent, and some special styles may also be solid colored and opaque. On the contrary, if the hot melt adhesive type is inconsistent and the workmanship is rough, the quality is worrying.
  3. There are many raw materials for hot melt adhesive rods, which directly affect the quality of the hot melt adhesive rods, especially the choice of EVA! Some manufacturers may choose inferior raw materials to save costs, resulting in a decrease in the viscosity of the adhesive rod. So when purchasing hot melt adhesive rods, we must choose a manufacturer with complete brand qualifications and professional research and development and production of hot melt adhesive to avoid buying products with three no’s.
  4. Resilience: Bend the rubber stick with your hand and then release it to one side. By observing the rebound of the rubber stick, you can determine its toughness. This is the simplest, fastest, and most effective method! Poor quality rebound after bending is relatively hard and prone to cracking. And those with good viscosity and toughness can slowly rebound without cracks no matter how they are bent.
  5. Using a hot melt glue gun to directly melt the hot melt glue stick can also visually observe the viscosity of the melted glue strip and whether the glue liquid contains powdery substances? If there is, it means there is too much filler and poor adhesion!


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