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Hazardous chemicals – hot melt adhesive also?

Does the widely used hot melt adhesive formula contain hazardous chemicals? Perhaps most people who are not familiar with this industry will have doubts about this aspect. Although hot melt adhesive is a chemical product, it cannot be considered dangerous! It is an environmentally friendly and green adhesive. The definition of hazardous chemicals refers to toxic, explosive, and flammable and explosive chemicals with corrosion and combustion support. Not only harmful to the environment but also to human health! So do hot melt adhesives have one or two advantages in these aspects? Can it be said to be a hazardous chemical?

  1. Toxic pollution?
    In fact, hot melt adhesive does not produce harmful smoke gases at both room temperature and high temperature, and it is not highly toxic and cannot be said to be harmful to human health. Although hot melt adhesive cannot be degraded, it does not cause environmental pollution. It is environmentally friendly and has passed international environmental certification. Even if it is carbonized or incinerated, it cannot cause environmental pollution.
  2. Is it corrosive?
    Hot melt adhesive is completely non corrosive in terms of corrosion, as its components do not contain any corrosive raw materials. The deformation of certain substrates caused by hot melt adhesive when bonding substrates is not due to its corrosion, but rather due to the high temperature of the heated adhesive solution, and the substrate itself cannot withstand the deformation caused by this temperature. Hot melt adhesive, a high polymer material, is easily corroded by other harmful substances in poor environmental conditions, leading to a decrease in performance!
  3. Will it explode?
    Hot melt adhesive belongs to the category of thermoplastic bonding chemical products, causing explosions? It is completely impossible for hot melt adhesive! The only visible changes are liquefaction and solidification! Heating melts into liquid, cooling solidifies. Even if we don’t use it in the correct way, it will only lead to a decrease in the bonding performance and a poor effect! To achieve an explosive effect, a product must contain flammable and explosive raw materials, while hot melt adhesive clearly does not contain them at all.
  4. Can it burn?
    For hot melt adhesive, combustion only brings heating temperature and melts it into a liquid state. As long as it is a normal and conventional formula, hot melt adhesive will only melt and not burn. If spontaneous combustion occurs, it may be due to the deterioration of the hot melt adhesive or the presence of other substances on the surface, causing the open flame to ignite these impurities.
  5. Is there a possibility of combustion support?
    Hot melt adhesive that cannot be burned cannot have a combustion aid effect. Even if flammable materials are directly sprinkled on top of the hot melt adhesive, it will only ignite. However, hot melt adhesive melts into liquid when heated, and the flammable materials will burn out. Hot melt adhesive will not continue to melt, so it cannot support combustion.
    The above is just a simple analysis and understanding of whether hot melt adhesive belongs to hazardous chemicals. In fact, hot melt adhesive is already well-known as a convenient and environmentally friendly adhesive. It has not only passed international environmental certification, but its composition is also very simple. If there is a need to purchase hot melt adhesive, you can use it with peace of mind, provided that you choose a reputable manufacturer for production.


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