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Is there anything that hot melt glue can’t stick to?

    Although hot melt adhesive is a type of adhesive, it is not only environmentally friendly and green, but also has a fast bonding speed, is easy to operate, and has been widely used in various fields. But not all materials can be used, and there are also some materials that cannot be used with hot melt adhesive.

    Let’s have a brief understanding of what materials make hot melt adhesive unable to bond.

    1. Hot melt adhesive is not suitable for bonding metal parts with high stress, as the surface of the metal material itself is smooth and the temperature of the hot melt adhesive solution cannot damage the metal surface. Therefore, it is not practical to use hot melt adhesive to bond metal parts;

    2. Hot melt adhesive is actually not suitable for materials that are soaked in water. Materials with water cannot penetrate and it is difficult for hot melt adhesive to have a sticky effect. For example, fabrics that need to be washed with water, water molecules will change the performance of the hot melt adhesive and cause it to lose its stickiness. But in fact, for some leather materials, clothing fabrics or the footwear industry, as well as non-woven materials, luggage materials, etc., hot melt adhesive can be used for bonding.

    The limitations of these two materials also prevent the development of hot melt adhesives in a wider range of fields. At present, research and development technology is constantly advancing, and we can believe that there is nothing that hot melt adhesive cannot stick in the future.

    In fact, all adhesives need to have a certain degree of permeability. If they cannot fuse with the surface of the object being bonded, the bonding cannot be completed. Hot melt adhesive itself is a heated adhesive with a certain temperature. When bonding, it can damage the surface of the object to achieve better bonding effect, but it cannot avoid the molecular structure of some materials being firm and not necessarily changing when heated, which may not be suitable for hot melt adhesive. Some people may say that if the penetration is not thorough, it will become unstable, but in reality, it is not entirely correct. This depends on whether the molecular structure of the adhesive and the adhesive is firm, and whether it is susceptible to changes caused by external factors. For example, when bonding, we need to ensure that the surface of the object being bonded is clean and free of dust and impurities, otherwise it can easily affect the bonding effect. After applying the adhesive, we can apply a certain amount of pressure to make it fully adhere and naturally cool and solidify. Another issue is the melting temperature, for example, the melting temperature of the colloid is 80 degrees. If the temperature is not enough, the colloid cannot be fully melted, nor can it have a good bonding effect.

    So as long as the usage is correct, choosing a suitable hot melt adhesive for the corresponding substrate can be very effective and practical. The performance of different styles of hot melt adhesives also varies, and the bonding effect of the targeted materials varies.

    When choosing hot melt adhesive, we need to find a professional R&D manufacturer to purchase it. For more information, please follow us!!


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