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4️⃣15000 square meters of self purchased factory building

Although small, it has a significant effect – does it still have this application?

Hot melt adhesive particles are also a type of hot melt adhesive, but their shape is granular rather than stick or block. Its main raw materials are also made from materials such as EVA, antioxidants, and thickening resins. For the current market, it is also one of the popular shapes in hot melt adhesive. Not only is it easy to store and transport, but it is also convenient to control the amount used. The main difference between this shape of hot melt adhesive particle and hot melt adhesive rod is that it must be used together with a hot melt adhesive machine!

What are the characteristics of hot melt adhesive particles?

1. At room temperature, both the hot melt adhesive particles and the adhesive rod are actually 100% solid. They only melt into a liquid when heated to a certain temperature. Once cooled below the melting point, they solidify and become solid again;

2. Environmentally friendly and green, with fast curing, strong viscosity, yellow resistance, and not easy to draw. It is easier to operate for other adhesives, and has excellent toughness, flexibility, and hardness;

3. It has a certain degree of stickiness, and after the adhesive has been applied and cooled and solidified, it can still be heated and melted again, and can be re bonded to the object;

4. Easy and convenient to use. Simply apply the heated hot melt adhesive to the object to be bonded and press for a few seconds to achieve the bonding effect. After a few minutes, it will naturally cool and solidify. Fast speed, good fluidity, good wettability, and aging resistance.

Due to the superior performance of hot melt adhesive particles, it has been widely used in industries such as ballpoint pen adhesive (pen tip adhesive), EPE pearl cotton packaging, book and magazine binding, furniture edge sealing, textiles, etc.

The following is a brief example of the common usage areas of hot melt adhesive particles:

1. In fact, hot melt adhesive particles are commonly used in the furniture industry. The bonding commonly used for artificial boards is environmentally friendly and satisfactory. Just heat it up and convert it into glue, use machine equipment to apply it to the board, seal the edges, and naturally cool and solidify. It can be repeatedly bonded without worrying about poor adhesion. It cannot be re bonded, as the hot melt adhesive particles still have high adhesion. Can be reheated for secondary bonding.

2. The demand for clothing processing, also known as the textile industry, is not low. Whether it is non-woven fabric bonding, clothing lining, carpet seams and zipper bonding, they can have good bonding effects and are very resistant to water washing and dry cleaning. It is not prone to deformation and detachment, indicating its good softness. Of course, it should not be subjected to excessive high temperatures, as temperatures exceeding around 115 ℃ can easily soften. Therefore, when selecting hot melt adhesive particles for textiles, attention should be paid to the melting point.


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