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4️⃣15000 square meters of self purchased factory building

What is the role of hot melt adhesive in the express label industry?

I can’t believe it! Actually, hot melt glue can also be used on express delivery bags!! In recent years, with the rapid development of the e-commerce industry, industries such as product packaging, goods labeling, and logistics transportation have also seen significant growth. The development of these industries has naturally driven the label and adhesive industry. The adhesive industry is a rapidly developing field that is rarely noticed.

It has been accompanying us in our lives, not only in use, but also sometimes in contact. It is precisely because hot melt adhesive is currently a chemical product that has passed multiple international environmental certifications and has strong plasticity. Not only is it strong in adhesion, fast in curing, non polluting, and non-toxic, it is also widely used due to its many advantages.

Therefore, with the convenience and speed of online shopping, many modern daily necessities are purchased directly through e-commerce platforms. The demand for express delivery of goods and waybills is increasing, and it will only increase in the future. For example, the sealing of express delivery bags is achieved by using hot melt adhesive, which can effectively and quickly bond express delivery bags and achieve a bag breaking effect. There are several requirements for using hot melt adhesive for sealing express delivery bags: 1. Good breaking ability; 2. Strong weather resistance; We need to cope with different temperature and climate throughout the year.

Of course, not only the sealing of express delivery bags involves hot melt adhesive, but also the pasting of express delivery orders, the bonding of cowhide envelopes, and the sealing of bubble bags.

When it comes to the pasting of express delivery orders, it is necessary to mention the advantages of hot melt adhesive in the label industry. Hot melt adhesive used for labels is actually pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive, generally available in yellow transparent, white transparent, etc. The main function is to label and bond paper products. Hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive has good initial adhesion, sustained strong adhesion, is not easy to draw, and is resistant to oil leakage! Applying to these industries can be said to have many advantages, but not fewer.

Hot melt adhesive has high safety and reliability, excellent performance, and a wide range of applications. Overcoming the shortcomings of traditional solvent adhesives, they can now replace many traditional solvent adhesives. In addition to packaging printing, express bags and labels, luggage and shoe materials, handicrafts and other industries, they also play a role in other fields such as automobiles and sanitary products.

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