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Is there any paper that cannot be glued with hot melt adhesive?

In the previous article, we learned why some styles of hot melt adhesive require release paper for anti stick protection, so how can hot melt adhesive achieve a non stick effect on release paper? The principle is actually that the release paper contains silicone oil!

In general, hot melt adhesive can be used to bond ordinary paper, and binding books is one of the typical applications! Of course, after applying a layer of silicone oil to the paper surface, the contact with the hot melt adhesive cannot produce adhesion. These processed papers containing silicone oil are like insulation with hot melt adhesive, and no matter how they are pressed, they cannot stick to the hot melt adhesive. So it is obvious that silicone oil plays a very important role, so the same goes for release paper! Hot melt adhesive is non stick.

The inability of hot melt adhesive to adhere to release paper is not due to its poor performance, but rather due to the isolation effect of silicone oil. It is equivalent to not only using its adhesive function when using hot melt adhesive, but also using it to fill spaces in certain areas that do not require adhesive to play a role in shock absorption and heat dissipation. The common thinking is that we should pay more attention to the bonding ability of hot melt adhesive, but we overlook the fact that the existence of certain things can greatly affect all aspects of it. Learn more about hot melt adhesive information, you can follow it a bit.


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