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Does the color of hot melt adhesive affect its performance?

The most common colors of hot melt adhesive that we know of are white, white transparent, yellow, black, yellow transparent, milky white, etc., which can be used in different industries and fields. The different colors of hot melt adhesives not only meet the color requirements of users, but also have a certain impact on their appearance and appearance in terms of raw materials, and this color difference is not related to the quality of hot melt adhesives.
The different ratios of raw materials in the production formula of hot melt adhesive have a significant impact on its viscosity, curing point, and other properties. If the hot melt adhesive does not undergo oxidation, deterioration, or color requirements, it is generally white, transparent, yellow, or yellow transparent. When all the raw materials are mixed and processed together in the production of hot melt adhesive, chemical reactions will occur, which determines the performance of the hot melt adhesive and also leads to color changes after production. So can the color of hot melt adhesive determine its performance? This statement is definitely not valid.
At present, with the widespread application of hot melt adhesive, although the conventional color of hot melt adhesive is a common choice, there are also many customers who need to customize special colors to consider the impact of their own product appearance. Therefore, hot melt adhesive manufacturers will add color filling in the formula to change the appearance color of the hot melt adhesive without affecting product performance. Of course, it should be noted that excessive color fillers should not be added due to excessive pursuit of aesthetics, as this can affect the thermal stability of hot melt adhesive and easily lead to problems during use.
Some people used to say that transparent hot melt adhesives have better performance and viscosity than opaque ones, but this statement ignored the issue of formula. As long as the formula is good and the raw material ratio is reasonable and correct, no matter what color it is, it will not affect the performance.


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