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What will happen to hot melt adhesives in summer?

EVA hot melt adhesive is a thermoplastic, non-toxic, and odorless green and environmentally friendly adhesive. Easy to be affected by seasonal environment and climate during use. In winter, the wettability is poor and prone to brittleness, while in summer, the hot climate can slow down the curing process of hot melt adhesive and make it more sticky. Hot melt adhesives are usually in the shape of rods and particles. After heating within a specified temperature range, their physical state changes with temperature, but their chemical properties remain unchanged.
During the summer, the temperature in some southern regions of China will continue to approach 40 ℃. At such high temperatures, the transportation and storage of hot melt adhesive can easily soften, sticky, and affect its use. What should we pay attention to when using hot melt adhesive in summer? How to store it? Why is the texture too hard?

  1. Try to avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight; Avoid excessive adhesion, softening, and clumping caused by gum evaporation.
  2. Store in a cool, ventilated and non humid environment; In addition to being exposed to sunlight, the hot melt glue stick should also be moisture-proof. Excessive moisture absorption in humid environments can easily lead to changes in the performance of the glue stick.
  3. In high temperature environments in summer, the working temperature of the hot melt adhesive gun can be appropriately lowered when using it.
    Due to the cyclic softening performance of the hot melt adhesive rod, more attention should be paid to the influence of temperature on the hot melt adhesive in summer, and efforts should be made to avoid the use of the hot melt adhesive rod being affected by long-term exposure to high temperatures approaching the critical softening point of the colloid.
    Of course, if improper storage causes adhesion, softening, or clumping, it is also possible to soak it in cold water for a period of time to cool and harden it before use.
    So why is hot melt glue harder in summer?
    Due to the hot and humid weather in summer, the use of hot melt adhesive is prone to problems caused by temperature changes. So as a professional manufacturer of hot melt adhesive, the formula for hot melt adhesive in summer is definitely different, and we will produce hot melt adhesive with a harder texture that is suitable for this climate preservation use. So why is this?
    This is because harder hot melt adhesives have a relatively higher softening point and are more resistant to high temperatures. Sometimes after gluing, the glue is not sticky, the glue is very thin, and the drying is slow. Even when the glue dries, the adhesive part is prone to detachment. In the hot environment of summer dog days, unused hot melt adhesive will significantly soften compared to hot melt adhesive at normal temperatures. Therefore, as a manufacturer of hot melt adhesives, Guangdong Weiwang New Materials Co., Ltd. will use different formulas to produce more suitable hot melt adhesive products in both winter and summer seasons, in order to cope with the application of hot melt adhesives with the same style and function in different temperature weather.


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