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4️⃣15000 square meters of self purchased factory building

Does hot melt adhesive still have a shelf life? How long does it age?

How long can hot melt adhesive be left unused? How many years does it have a shelf life? In recent years, environmental protection issues have attracted much attention, and hot melt adhesive, an environmentally friendly adhesive product, has been favored by various manufacturers due to its many advantages.

The most widely used currently is EVA hot melt adhesive. The main material is ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA). A solid adhesive made by blending other materials such as thickeners, resins, etc.

Hot melt adhesive definitely has a shelf life, and any type of adhesive that is exposed to the air for a long time will be affected by climate temperature and humidity, causing the colloid to oxidize. The oxidation rate of hot melt adhesive is relatively slow. Of course, if stored properly, the hot melt glue stick and glue particles can be sealed properly when idle and unused. Placing them in a cool and dry place can slow down the oxidation rate of the hot melt glue and store it for a long time. If stored improperly, it is easy for the colloid to slowly turn yellow, so it is necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight and contact with water or steam as much as possible. Extending the lifespan of colloids, under normal circumstances it can be stored for about 1 to 3 years.

If EVA hot melt adhesive is exposed to excessively low temperature, humidity, or hot and high temperature environments for a long time, it will have an impact on the colloidal viscosity. It should be noted that hot melt adhesive belongs to chemical products, and caution should be taken when heating to prevent burns from high temperatures. Store in a location that is out of reach of children.


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