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How to make a hot melt adhesive stick? How to use it?

Hot melt adhesive stick has become a well-known universal and environmentally friendly adhesive, widely used. In daily life, applications such as electrical component positioning, packaging paper boxes, and handicrafts are all available. It is commonly used with glue guns or hot melt glue machines. Do you know how it is produced? How should we use it again? Let’s learn more together.

In fact, the basic process of hot melt adhesive stick is material preparation, stirring, extrusion, inspection, packaging, and storage. Firstly, we need to mix the formula of the glue stick according to the proportion of materials. Then feed it into the machine reaction kettle. What is a reactor? Its main function, in simple terms, is to melt and mix various raw materials. The mixed adhesive material will be cooled to a suitable temperature before being transported to the extruder. The extruder has circular holes that will directly extrude the colloid into the water tank at a uniform speed. The colloid will solidify and solidify when cooled. By shaping the first sink and then pulling it to the second sink to fully consolidate the shape, we proceed to the final step of production, slowly pulling, dividing, and processing them into strips of adhesive sticks with appropriate specifications. You can inspect the packaging and packaging. Of course, we are just describing it simply. The process of actual production is adjusted. Adjusting the equipment is much more complex. Different types of adhesives require adjustment of their raw material ratio and machine production speed.

After understanding the production process, let’s take a look at how to use the glue stick?

Under normal circumstances, it is often used in conjunction with a hot melt glue gun, with a focus on manual work. Put the glue stick into the hot melt gun and plug in the electric heating for a while. Pulling the trigger will cause glue to flow out. You can also use a lighter to melt any end of the glue stick, apply it to the desired bonding position of the item, and wait for it to cool and solidify.

In fact, it is easy to distinguish between good and bad quality with a glue stick. Generally, poor glue sticks have uneven appearance and are prone to impurities. A good glue stick has a uniform and smooth color without impurities.

The above is a brief introduction to how to make and use hot melt adhesive rods. You can follow us to learn more.


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