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Is hot melt adhesive also useful in disposable products?

We have already introduced many aspects of what hot melt adhesive is and what its advantages are. I believe everyone has a basic understanding of hot melt adhesive. Today, let’s take a look at the specific role of hot melt adhesive, which is widely used in disposable sanitary products?
Nowadays, with the development of society, people’s demand for disposable products is increasing, and the high convenience, fast speed, and practicality are also the reasons why this type of product is popular. This is inseparable from the presence of hot melt adhesive, and each layer of material basically needs to be coated with hot melt adhesive.
Let’s have a simple understanding of several types: backing glue, rubber band glue, and urine display glue!
Backglue is generally used on the back of sanitary napkins, which can bond underwear without displacement and fixation. It needs to achieve moderate cotton fabric peeling force and anti transfer performance for various fabrics, and its adaptability to different regions and climates is also required. Even in low temperatures, it can have good initial adhesion; It has low odor and light color, is not too sensitive to ultraviolet light, and has good anti-aging performance at room temperature. Even if it is stored for a long time, its peeling power and color will not change much.
Rubber band adhesive needs to have high creep resistance, good thermal stability, appropriate opening time, good adhesion to elastic materials and PE backing or non-woven fabrics, non backflow to non-woven fabrics, softness and elasticity. It can fix the elastic material so that it can be adhered to non-woven fabric and bottom film, making sanitary products have better intimate comfort and leak proof performance;
Urine developer glue is actually a hot melt glue containing a pH developer, which changes from yellow to green when encountering wet urine. When using, it is necessary to strictly control the coating amount. If it is too low or too high, it will have a certain impact on the change. It has the characteristics of no color change, low odor, and no skin sensitization when stored at room temperature. It is widely used in the display of urine moisture in diapers,
The above are only a few types of applications, of course, there are many other applications. For example, sealing adhesive for independent packaging bags, special hot melt adhesive for left and right waist patches, and so on. The main adhesive materials for disposable sanitary products are usually non-woven fabric, plastic PE film, toilet paper, spandex (rubber band), and so on.


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