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How to make a simulated flower? Need hot melt adhesive?

Handmade DIY is becoming increasingly popular in modern life, especially among the younger generation. These handicrafts include the production of artificial flowers and silk flowers. Usually, this type of artificial flower material is made of stretch silk, polyester, plastic, yarn, silk, cloth, etc., and some are made by drying fresh flowers. So the production of simulated flowers is becoming more and more beautiful, almost like real flowers. With flowers, there are also branches, leaves, wild grass, and other simulated plants. These simulated plants have a longer preservation time, stronger plasticity, and a larger space for imagination, with a wider variety of species.
Today we will learn how to make a simulated flower? Can it also use hot melt adhesive?

  1. Preparation materials: hot melt glue gun, hot melt glue stick (two can be used together after being powered on), simulated flower material;
  2. Set the pattern! This operation is to shape patterns, and there are many materials and patterns to choose from. So it’s possible to make different appearances. For example, for a piece of cloth, we can first outline the desired petal shape and then cut it off. Then, we can use a hot melt glue gun to apply hot melt glue to stick it to the tree branches for shaping;
  3. After making the pattern, you can start coloring! Colors can be chosen according to personal preference. Coloring can immerse flowers in a vulcanized rubber solution, but of course, the color base needs to be dyed by oneself or sprayed directly with a spray gun, which is more convenient and fast,
    The above is a simple way to make simulation flowers, as well as the essential hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue stick in the handicraft industry. With these two small helpers, our manual DIY is more convenient and fast, making it a great helper for families.
    The hot melt adhesive stick not only has a long storage time but is also easy to store. Moreover, it is an environmentally friendly chemical product that poses no harm to the human body, ensuring safe and reliable use. Of course, it is important to choose a reputable manufacturer to ensure the safety of the hot melt adhesive stick!


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