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1️⃣China’s largest manufacturer of hot melt glue stick

2️⃣10 hot melt adhesive production lines

3️⃣Annual production of 30000 tons of hot melt adhesive

4️⃣15000 square meters of self purchased factory building

Can hot melt glue do these things? What’s the use of it?

With the increasing application of hot melt adhesive, there are many unexpected uses for items that can be bonded. So it’s not surprising that many families have hot melt glue and glue guns. Almost everyone who is interested in making handmade flowers, handmade jewelry, and other crafts must have a hot melt glue gun, which is why there is a demand for hot melt glue sticks. Not only can it be used to bond items, but it can also be used for handicrafts. At the same time, it can also have many small tricks. What do you know? Maybe one day I’ll need it, let’s take a look together!

For example, items that are easy to move, such as cutting boards and carpets, can be coated with some hot melt adhesive on the back or bottom. After cooling and solidifying on the four corners or edges, it can increase the resistance between the tabletop or the ground, increase friction, and achieve the magical effect of anti slip.

Of course, it’s also possible to make some cute refrigerator stickers. Squeeze the desired shape with hot melt glue, sprinkle glitter on it, or add some cute pattern stickers to enhance the appearance. Then attach a small magnet and a simple refrigerator sticker will be done.

It can also prevent the door handle from hitting the wall. Generally, it is difficult to control the force when opening and closing the door, which can easily lead to excessive force and long-term damage caused by the door handle hitting the wall. Simply apply some hot melt adhesive to the most protruding position of the door handle and solidify it to achieve a cushioning effect.

You can even apply some hot melt adhesive to the soles or gloves, changing shapes, dots, or waves at will. The smoothed sole of the shoe can achieve anti slip effect, and gloves can also serve as a simple and practical pet groomer.

In addition to these, it can also be used to make many handmade items, such as earrings, hair clips, handmade flowers, decorative paintings, and coasters. It can be coated with oil paper to prevent adhesion, then drawn in the desired shape, and decorated with cute pattern stickers. After solidification, a beautiful coaster can be obtained. Here, everyone can use their imagination to freely create the desired and heat-insulating style.

The above are just some of its wonderful uses, and in reality, there are more than just these! Hot melt adhesive is a great helper for keeping things at home, apart from bonding them together! To learn more, please follow us.


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