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2️⃣10 hot melt adhesive production lines

3️⃣Annual production of 30000 tons of hot melt adhesive

4️⃣15000 square meters of self purchased factory building

Can hot melt adhesive still stick plastic

Hot melt adhesive is a plastic and environmentally friendly adhesive product. Actually, it is possible to stick plastic with the same firmness, but using hot melt adhesive to stick plastic still requires evaluating some parameters. Hot melt adhesive itself belongs to the category of heated melt colloids, and the heated colloids have a certain temperature. When plastics exceed their temperature tolerance, they are prone to deformation. It is easy to damage the surface of plastic, so we need to evaluate the temperature of plastic when using hot melt adhesive for bonding, as well as the temperature tolerance of the plastic itself. Then select the appropriate hot melt adhesive style.

Firstly, when bonding, the surface of the plastic product must be free of water stains and dust, and must be in a dust-free and clean state. Then, it can be used in conjunction with a hot melt glue gun. After the glue gun is powered on and heated for a certain period of time, the glue can be extruded and applied to the plastic that needs to be bonded. Press and wait for it to cool and solidify.

Of course, it is also possible to directly heat any end of the adhesive rod with fire and then bond it, and the same effect is achieved.

In fact, hot melt adhesive has been applied in many industries. It can not only bond leather, metal, furniture, plastic bags, medical supplies, textiles, etc., but also be used in packaging (corrugated paper and thick cardboard boxes), wireless binding of books, and woodworking edging. Its types can include hot melt adhesive blocks, hot melt adhesive particles, hot melt adhesive strips, hot melt adhesive powder, hot melt adhesive films, hot melt films, etc.


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