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Will hot melt adhesive particles fall off in low-temperature climates?

Hot melt adhesive is a type of adhesive that is sensitive to temperature and melts into liquid upon heating, but will solidify again after cooling at natural room temperature. Some people may wonder if hot melt adhesive particles are prone to detachment in extremely low temperature environments? In fact, sometimes encountering this kind of detachment may just happen to be due to low ambient temperature, but it is easy to ignore the negative effects of other factors and cause different situations of hot melt adhesive detachment, so it may not necessarily be related to low temperature.
However, if the ambient temperature is really low, it can also easily cause delamination! Because both hot melt adhesive particles and blocks have a certain tolerance to temperature and have a maximum value that can withstand low temperatures, the prerequisite for low temperature to cause delamination is that the temperature really exceeds the minimum temperature peak that the adhesive particles can withstand!
The performance of hot melt adhesive varies depending on the application conditions produced by different manufacturers, including requirements for low temperature resistance. Simply put, when the ambient temperature drops below the maximum low-temperature resistance of the hot melt adhesive, it is easy for the adhesive layer to peel off at the bonding position. The more harsh the environmental climate, the higher the risk value!
Of course, besides the influence of low temperature environment, it cannot be ruled out that other factors that may cause instability in the bonding position of hot melt adhesive, combined with temperature, become even more complex. The decrease in temperature is only something that our human body can intuitively feel, while other factors such as excessive dust and weak colloidal antioxidant properties are relatively difficult to pay attention to and often overlooked. And low temperature is naturally considered the main cause of detachment.
In fact, hot melt adhesive particles may not fall off at low temperatures, but this possibility cannot be ruled out, even if used in very low temperature environments. The formula of hot melt adhesive particles can also be adjusted to improve its low-temperature resistance, making it less prone to delamination even at temperatures below minus ten degrees.
At present, the research and development technology of hot melt adhesive has become very mature and is constantly developing performance suitable for a wider range of applications. Therefore, whether in the humid climate environment in the south or the dry and cold climate environment in the north, many industries have already involved the use of hot melt adhesive. Therefore, the low-temperature resistance of hot melt adhesive particles is still very good and trustworthy.


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