Weiwang Hot Melt Adhesive – China’s largest manufacturer of hot melt glue stick


1️⃣China’s largest manufacturer of hot melt glue stick

2️⃣10 hot melt adhesive production lines

3️⃣Annual production of 30000 tons of hot melt adhesive

4️⃣15000 square meters of self purchased factory building

Is hot melt adhesive really environmentally friendly? What are the advantages?

At present, with the increasing emphasis on environmental protection, low-carbon energy conservation, and the attention to health and safety factors in recent years, hot melt adhesive, which is suitable for automated production and has many advantages such as safety, environmental protection, and fast curing, has been developed in China. The market demand is growing day by day, and more and more industries are adopting hot melt adhesive. And its issue of environmental protection has become a focus of attention for many people.

It does belong to the category of new environmentally friendly adhesive materials, which have no flammable or explosive hazards during use, processing, and transportation. It is mainly made of materials such as EVA, rubber, polyamide, etc., combined with thickening resins and softeners, etc. It does not contain water or other solvents, so it does not produce toxic or harmful smoke. It is 100% solid and non volatile. Compared to other oil-based, solvent based, and water-based adhesives, hot melt adhesive is very environmentally friendly. At room temperature, it is in a solid state. When heated beyond its melting point, it will melt into a liquid state, which can only be used for bonding with the substrate.

There are many types and colors of hot melt adhesive, including white, transparent, yellow, black, etc. Widely used in various industries such as healthcare, hygiene, food, home furnishings, automobiles, packaging, electronics, express delivery, cosmetics, etc!

What other advantages does it have

  1. Fast solidification increases production speed and saves production equipment space, forming a solid state after cooling.
  2. 100% solidified ingredients, simple bonding process, low waste generation rate, can reduce transportation and storage costs.
  3. The adhesive substrate has a wide range and is suitable for automated production.
  4. Strong viscosity and good flexibility.
  5. It is an environmentally friendly material and has no pollution issues. Waste can naturally degrade.


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