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How to quickly distinguish different types of hot melt adhesives

Hot melt adhesive is a plastic adhesive that can be used in industries such as clothing, books, electrical toys, and packaging. It is a non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly chemical product, and its state will change with the heating temperature.

Currently, there are many EVA type hot melt adhesives on the market. Its main component is EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate polymer), which is widely used in photovoltaics, hot melt adhesives, etc. However, the hot melt adhesive produced by different manufacturers varies in terms of appearance (granular, rod-shaped, powdery, flake, etc.), performance (low temperature, high temperature, medium temperature, odorless, yellow resistant), and use (paper box packaging, handmade, furniture edge sealing, filter element, pearl cotton, etc.).

Let’s have a brief understanding of how to distinguish between hot melt glue sticks and glue particles?

Bar shaped hot melt adhesive

Usually a cylindrical rod shaped adhesive strip. There are two types of international standard diameters: 7mm and 11mm. Some countries also require that other materials such as 6.7mm, 11.3mm, 11.4mm in diameter can be made. The general range of length is around 10-30cm, and both diameter and length can be customized. This shape of adhesive strip needs to be used with a hot melt gun that can be inserted into the barrel. A hot melt adhesive rod with a diameter of about 7mm should be used with a small glue gun of about 20w, and a hot melt adhesive gun with a diameter of about 11mm should be used with a large glue gun of 80-120w. Of course, I don’t mind using a lighter directly for heating. There are various colors available, including white transparent, white transparent, yellow transparent, yellow, and black, mainly used for handcrafting (cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes, headwear and artificial flowers, toy repairs, wigs, etc.)

Granular hot melt adhesive

The production of this shape of hot melt adhesive is relatively large compared to the production of the adhesive rod. Granular shapes include elliptical, circular, and cylindrical. Available in yellow, white, semi transparent, or colorless colors, other colors can also be customized. The use requires the use of a melting furnace, which can be scraped, rolled, sprayed, or extruded after heating.

The above is only a brief understanding of the distinction between glue sticks and glue particles. Of course, there are many other forms of hot melt glue, such as powder, film, sheet, etc. Various types of glue can be applied to different scenarios and materials to play their roles. Learn more and welcome to follow.


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