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2️⃣10 hot melt adhesive production lines

3️⃣Annual production of 30000 tons of hot melt adhesive

4️⃣15000 square meters of self purchased factory building

How to divide hot melt adhesive? What else besides EVA?

Hot melt adhesive is environmentally friendly, odorless, with strong viscosity and fast curing. It has a wide range of applications! Mainly processed and manufactured with thickeners, antioxidants, resins, etc. The raw material is generally EVA, which is commonly sold in the market in the form of rods, granules, and blocks.
Not only are there differences in types, but there are also many classifications of hot melt adhesives in terms of color: yellow, white, black, transparent, colored, etc. You can also customize color tone adjustments according to requirements.
In addition to color differentiation, there are also different industries with different needs for classification: label hot melt adhesive, fiber processing, shoe material hot melt adhesive, book and magazine hot melt adhesive, packaging industry hot melt adhesive, etc. And it can adjust the performance of hot melt adhesive according to industry needs, in line with industry production needs.
Give a simple example of several types of hot melt adhesive, such as EVA/PES/PA, etc.
EVA hot melt adhesive: characterized by low-temperature adhesion, elasticity, and strong viscosity! Widely used in cardboard box sealing, automotive interior, handicrafts and other fields!
PES hot melt adhesive: widely used in the clothing industry, it is mostly used for bonding various types of clothing, daily necessities, environmental water treatment and other fields. It is highly welcomed by users for its good water washing resistance. When combined with polyester fabrics, the adhesive force is stable.
PA hot melt adhesive: divided into high temperature and low temperature, imported adhesive is widely used in the fields of clothing and shoe materials. Transparent in color, non elastic, with a high melting point, and excellent dry cleaning resistance.
There are actually many types of hot melt adhesives, and each material style has its own advantages in performance! The above is only a brief introduction and understanding of individual types. When purchasing hot melt adhesive, it is still necessary to choose a brand manufacturer with complete qualifications and guaranteed quality according to your own needs.


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